After receiving a bachelor’s degree you can apply for a Master’s  program. You can not only continue your chosen profession but also have an opportunity to apply for a  new program by choosing another specialization. In Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand, the applicant can take postgraduate certificate program and study for a year, thus, getting a Postgraduate Diploma. Moreover, in Europe and in all the listed countries there are  Master’s Degree programs for 2 years. As same as the bachelor program, applicants must have language preferences; TOEFL (min.79), IELTS (6,5).

We also recommend online courses to our applicants. It is quite convenient and beneficial because you can stay home and take the online program of the university in your preference.


    Required Documents

  • Valid Passport
  • CV
  • School Certificate
  • Transcripts
  • Bachelor Diploma
  • Reference Letters
  • Financial Statement (Sponsorship Letters)