Typically a doctorate degree takes four years to complete. If you already hold a master’s degree, you may be able to complete a doctorate in the same subject area with only three years of additional full-time study. However, very few career areas require a doctorate degree. Areas where state licensing is required—such as engineering, public school teaching, psychology—may require the doctorate degree for the highest paid positions and for positions in government facilities. There are fewer doctorate degrees offered online than any other type of degree. The main reason is that the market demand is relatively low. Online doctorate degrees tend to be in areas that require doctorates for licensing, such as teaching or psychology. Most of those programs require short residencies or campus visits—such as a week each summer on campus—to satisfy supervision requirements. A few online doctorates are available in the business field, mainly because business is a high demand career area. A PhD is a unique type of degree, which involves advanced academic work and is attempted by comparatively few students. The first step in this will certainly be carrying out your literature review.

    Required Documents

  • Valid Passport
  • Bachelor Diploma
  • Transcripts
  • Master Diploma
  • CV
  • Reference Letters
  • Financial Statement