Bachelor Degree is a very important step in the professional field because it will provide fundamental knowledge for your chosen profession and will ultimately expand your outlook. We collaborate with the most qualified universities and colleges around the world and give you a chance to obtain the best education in the scope of your abilities. In Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, you can take 2-3 year diploma programs and get an undergraduate title. However, it is also possible to continue the education for one more year and get a bachelor degree. In the USA there is an option of getting an education for 2 years in Community College, and then being transferred to the university for 2 more years and getting a bachelor diploma. In Europe, the programs are mostly the same as in Armenia in a sense that the duration of 4 academic years remains the same. Another really important advantage is that we have contracts with the top universities who are ready to supply scholarships to our applicants. If you want to apply for a university, you must have language preferences, such as TOEFL(min.76), IELTS(5,5), MELAB (min.79), or internal test, depending on the university. Based on to the language score, the student will certainly have an opportunity to get more scholarship.


     Required Documents

  • Valid Passport
  • CV
  • School Certificate
  • Transcripts
  • Certificates
  • Financial Statement(Sponsorships Letter)
  • Reference letters